Tanya Moved to a New Domain!


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Hello friends, followers and random passersby! I have great news: I have finally moved my blog to my own domain! Hurray! The new domain has a much fresher design and brighter colors. I moved all my old blog posts to the new domain, so besides the design nothing else has changed. Well, except for the address of course! You can find my new blog on www.twinklytanya.com. From now on, all new articles will be posted there. This wordpress domain will not be updated anymore. The new domain already contains a new blog article, so come and check it out!

If you’ve subscribed to my blog by email, you’ve automatically moved with me. If you’re a WordPress subscriber, you should still be able to see my new articles in your Reader, but you won’t get email notifications anymore. If you’d like to get them, please re-subscribe to my new blog. Sorry for the inconvenience. There was no other way. I hope to see you all again on my new domain!