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I can’t believe it’s already one month ago that I first learned about this great project: 101 things in 1001 days, or the Day Zero Project. I got so excited about this project, I couldn’t wait to start my own! But of course I couldn’t just make a list and keep things simple. I decided I wanted to blog about my goals as well! I think this will help me always keep my list at the back of my mind. And of course, I love to write, so why not seize this great opportunity to do so? This decision to blog however, resulted in postponing my 101 things for a little while. But this week, I finally found the time to build my website. So at last I can start my Day Zero Project! Yay!

If you’d like to know why I’m so thrilled about doing this project, please read ‘My story’. If you can’t wait to see my list, then read on! All the goals on my list are meant to challenge me somehow. Some may seem simple to you, but there’s a bigger meaning behind each goal. I will go into greater detail when I’ll blog about them.

The goals I’m working on are italic and pink and the goals I achieved are bold and green. The starting date of my Day Zero Project is 29-10-2014. That means the last day of my project will be 25-07-2017. Okay, enough babbling, here’s my list!

Current status: 26/101 completed.

Make my project work!

  1. Buy a piggy bank especially for this project. Put €5,- in the piggy bank for each accomplished goal to spend on something special after the project.
  2. For each unachieved goal, deposit €5,- to a charity of my choice, involving animal welfare.
  3. Write a blog post of each accomplished goal, the goals I’m currently working on and the goals I get stuck with.

Work some…

  1. Print business cards.
  2. Build a company website.
  3. Write for at least 5 different clients. (2/5)
  4. Visit a professional photographer to shoot pictures of me for my website and social media.
  5. Attend a seminar or webinar related either to writing or to building your own company.
  6. Go networking in real life 5 times. (0/5)

Learn some…

  1. Complete the first year of Law school (60 ECTS credits). (4/60)
  2. Complete the second year of Law school. (60 ECTS credits). (0/30)
  3. Learn how to photograph with a SLR.
  4. Learn how to knit. Then take a picture of a finished project.
  5. Learn how to crochet. Then take a picture of a finished project.
  6. Learn how to sew using the sewing machine. Then take a picture of a finished project.
  7. Learn at least one song on the guitar and upload it on YouTube.
  8. Learn 10 new songs to play on the piano. (0/10)
  9. Learn horseback riding.
  10. Attend a workshop of my interest.
  11. Learn how to belt. Then upload a video on YouTube of me successfully belting in a song.
  12. Regain my knowledge of the French language by speaking, reading or listening to it every day for two weeks in a row (at least 15 minutes each time).
  13. Learn basic Italian, then have a simple conversation with an Italian person.

And let my creativity flow.

  1. Learn how to create zentangles. Then fill a sketchbook with zentangles.
  2. Upload 5 new videos on YouTube in which I sing. (1/5)
  3. Perform in a music concert for at least half an hour.
  4. Participate in 10 writing contests. (1/10)
  5. Participate in 10 photo contests. (0/10)
  6. Make a scrap project just for me.
  7. Paint on a canvas.
  8. Create 5 DIY projects of my Pinterest wall. (1/5)
  9. Buy or make a small photo studio.
  10. Write a song.
  11. Create an alphabet photo series. (9/26)

Work on my inner self…

  1. Own a ‘Wreck this Journal’ and complete all the tasks in the book.
  2. Own either the diary ‘One line a day’ or ‘Q&A a day: a 5 year journal’ and write in it every day.
  3. Take a selfie every month. (12/33)
  4. Answer “50 questions that will free your mind”.
  5. Write down 101 things I like about myself. (101/101)
  6. Upload a video on YouTube (in English) in which I teach something I know a great deal about.

And my outer self.

  1. Lose 30 kg (66 lbs). (8,5/30)
  2. Eat 2 portions of fruit every day for a month. Do this 3 times. (3/3)
  3. Don’t eat sweet or salty snacks and sweet desserts for a month. Do this 3 times. (3/3)
  4. Exercise 5 days per week, at least half an hour each time for a month.
  5. Don’t drink soda for two weeks in a row.
  6. Drink a jug of water every day for a month.

Turn my house into a home.

  1. Finish painting the secretary desk.
  2. Paint the wardrobe and start using it.
  3. Paint the dining room furniture and reupholster the chairs.
  4. Paint the side table in the living room.
  5. Make some pallet art and hang it.
  6. Create a photo wall in the hallway.
  7. Finish constructing the backyard.
  8. Turn the third bedroom into a library.
  9. Create a livable attic.
  10. Buy a nice ceiling lamp for the bedroom and hang it.
  11. Construct a pathway in the front yard.
  12. Paint or upholster the stairs (and don’t forget the banisters!)

Organize things that are important.

  1. Organize all the pictures on my computer and create a backup.
  2. Design a photo book online and send it to myself.
  3. Get a funeral insurance.
  4. Reorganize the shed.
  5. Keep a (personal) cashbook for 3 months straight.

Be the best cook I can be.

  1. Make sushi.
  2. Make hummus.
  3. Cook with coke.
  4. Bake a cake and decorate it with fondant or marzipan.
  5. Make macaroons.
  6. Bake 3 different kinds of bread. (1/3)
  7. Try out 10 new recipes from 10 different cookbooks. The recipes above not included. (10/10)

But don’t forget to relax in between!

  1. Read 25 novels. (10/25)
  2. Play video games a whole day long.
  3. Have a movie marathon of at least 5 movies.
  4. Finish 6 computer games. (0/6)
  5. Go unplugged for 2 days in a row: no cell phone, iPad, computer or TV.
  6. Hug a cow.
  7. Visit the butterfly garden in the zoo ‘Diergaarde Blijdorp’.
  8. Watch 101 movies. (31/101)
  9. Create a playlist of 101 songs I love to sing along to. (101/101)
  10. Create a snow sculpture.
  11. Have a snow ball fight.
  12. Go see a professional musical.
  13. Go see 25 theater performances (professional or amateur). (13/25)
  14. Go to the Elf Fantasy Fair.
  15. Go see a dance performance.

And discover new places.

  1. Visit one of the Wadden islands.
  2. Take a photo trip in every Dutch province. (2/12)
  3. Visit 5 different countries as a tourist, the Netherlands not included. (0/5)
  4. Visit a city in a carriage.
  5. Visit a cave.

Connect with other people.

  1. Host a homemade high tea for friends or family.
  2. Go on a picnic with someone.
  3. Host a barbecue in the backyard for friends or family.
  4. Surprise someone on a random day with a homemade pie.
  5. Send cards to people I care about 10 times (birthdays and holidays not included). These should be at least five different people. (13/10)
  6. Send a surprise package I assembled myself to someone I care about on a random day.

And with my dogs.

  1. Teach Milo en Rikku each 25 new abilities. (Milo: 0/25, Rikku: 0/25)
  2. Take a trip in nature with the dogs, to 10 places they’ve never been before where it’s allowed for them to walk without a leash. (6/10)
  3. Train each dog at least 10 minutes a day for a month. Do this three times. Minimum duration of each training session is 5 minutes, so I can split them by two each day. Practicing loosh leash walking is not included. (0/3)
  4. Practice loose leash walking each day for a month, by taking separate walks with each dog.
  5. Do a brain game with each dog every day for a month.
  6. Attend a doggy dance workshop.

Special goal – added on June 10, 2015.

  1. Write a play.
    (Wait, wut? A 102nd goal? If you want to know why I added this goal, read this blog article.)

Are you also trying to accomplish 101 goals in 1001 days at the moment? Or did I inspire you to do so, perhaps? Please leave a comment then! I’d love to see your goals and follow your progress!